Key to an entrepreneur's

To create a business, networking is an important phase in both starting and developping your project. It is a set of techniques or processes that allow you to contact people to establish business ties on the Internet.

Online Business

By drawing up your business plan correctly, you will quickly realise the faults and qualities of your project and what is and is not feasible.

Consulting Firm

Getting help is not a bad thing when starting a project. Don't take constructive criticism the wrong way, but rather let yourself be advised.

Business Management

Today, different new management solutions exist to make your life easier. Do not hesitate to adopt them in your business management.

Business plan for a web project

Business plan for a web project

Supporting companies in their digital strategy

Before starting a digital project, a business plan must be put in place, like what the site did. This procedure makes it possible to check the feasibility of the whole operation and to estimate the revenues and costs. The budget for designing a web-portal or an e-commerce site depends on the level of customisation of the platform, the nature of the project and more.

The business plan is a document of about twenty pages presenting a general vision of the entrepreneur’s intention. This document also introduces the team, the market, the products, the marketing plan, the projected income statement, etc.

Startup company founders
Seek advice

Project management covers the activities that ensure the smooth running of a business. This operation aims to achieve the goals set by the company beforehand. A good management plan requires a specific approach. It’s important to know that the creation of a company leverages human, financial, informational and material resources as well as raw materials. You can seek help with Kameleoon.

Company office: where
and how to register it?

At the manager's home

The registered office of a company can only be located at the home of a business owner or partner if he or she is considered a manager.

In professional offices

The head office takes into account architectural constraints, interior design and aesthetics, ergonomic needs and space organisation.

In a business incubator

Locating the head office in a business incubator is suitable for the projects that are in the pipeline, in the design phase or seeking financing.

What is a company manager?

The manager of a company is its legal representative. He or she commits the company through the acts he or she signs and is responsible for its day-to-day management. Assigning the aforementioned tasks to the managing director or company manager makes it easier to take decisions, more on

Nominal value

The company manager position divided into shares

In the course of setting up a civil, a Limited Liability or a Single Member Limited Liability company, the founding partners obtain a share capital which is proportional to the amount of their contributions.

Legal status of a Simplified Joint Stock company

The manager of a Simplified Joint Stock company

The Simplified Joint Stock company is the type that gives the most freedom to the partners. It determines the rules of organisation and operation of the company.

Legal status

Structure and legal form

Tax system


Legal notices

How and where are they publication?

Want to manage your business project successfully?

A company is a place where you spend a lot of time working, form social ties and sometimes even find your soulmate. Therefore, to manage your project successfully, you should not focus only on the financial aspect.

How do you manage your cash flow on a daily basis?

To daily manage your cash flow the right way, you need to analyze your business indicators, look ahead and be proactive.

Why you should diversify your products and services

It is important to diversify services and products according to the demands of your targets, offers, competitors, etc.

What sources of funding should be used?

Identify the type of funding you need by evaluating your investment project and estimating its economic profitability.

How to expand internationally?

To grow your business internationally, carry out an audit by evaluating your products’ strengths and weaknesses.