How to declare a registered office to the National Company Register?

A company must have a physical address which is called a registered office. This address must be declared to the Trade and Companies Register. But to do this legally, there are a few procedures to follow. First,  note that the…

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Transferring the registered office of a company

The transfer of a company’s registered office must follow some particular steps. You therefore should not make decisions without being informed about the various administrative measures. It is possible to get help in some cases and thus avoid any delays…

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What exactly is the role of a company manager?

The manager of a company plays an important role at all levels. He or she is not only responsible for making decisions but also for implementing action plans to ensure the good running of the business. Sound management is crucial…

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How much does it cost to be a freelancer?

Many people have opted for freelance working as a new professional experience. Indeed, to boost your turnover and gain more experience, freelance working can be a good solution. You will have the possibility to work for your account with freelance…

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What professions can be carried out the wage portage way?

Bringing together the best specialists from wage portage and freelance administration now encompasses almost 800 professions. The great flexibility of this form of work, which is being used by more and more professional profiles, is undoubtedly the reason for its…

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