Transferring the registered office of a company

The transfer of a company's registered office must follow some particular steps. You therefore should not make decisions without being informed about the various administrative measures. It is possible to get help in some cases and thus avoid any delays in administrative paperwork. The steps to be taken may vary depending on a few things.

The steps to follow for the transfer of a company's registered office

For the transfer of a company's registered office to go smoothly, you need to follow some very specific procedures. Note that this type of modification automatically leads to a change in status so the whole process must start with the change of legal status. A list of the previous addresses should also be drawn up to avoid confusion. You should then proceed to publish a notice of the change. This step must be done in the journal of legal notices. To complete the process, it is compulsory to file your application for change with the relevant authorities. In most cases, this filing must be made at the clerk's office of the Commercial Court.

How to transfer the registered office of a company?

The transfer of a company's registered office can take time. The decision to transfer the registered office can be taken by the managing director or by the individual shareholders. The updating of the articles of association must be carried out by a legal representative. A compliance step must be highlighted for the successful transfer of your company's registered office. The publication of your notice of change can only be done according to a few criteria. The registered office can be transferred within the same department. If the change takes place in another department, you will be obliged to publish two types of notice.

How to guarantee the good transfer of a company's registered office?

To ensure the transfer of a company's registered office is successful, you must attach all the supporting documents and be able to answer the various questions from the competent authorities. The forms must be correctly completed. After receiving your documents, the registry will send you an acknowledgment of receipt. Note that you can use the services of a professional to help you with your application and avoid being faced with any unpleasant situations. This specialist will save you time and money and all the phases and steps of transferring the registered office will thus be easy to achieve.
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