Product Information Management

High-quality product information is the key to a successful customer experience

Product information is critical to a good customer experience. By providing high-quality product information, businesses can ensure that their customers have the information they need to make informed decisions about their purchases. Good PIM can also help customers use and…

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IBM Rhapsody

Convert your models from IBM Rhapsody to Cameo or MagicDraw

If you’re using IBM Rhapsody to create your models, you may want to consider converting them to Cameo or MagicDraw. Here’s a look at why you might want to make the switch and how to go about doing it. Maintains…

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ASC 842

What is ASC 842?

What is ASC 842? A Guide to Lease Accounting Since the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have begun reassessing their real estate investments and the extent to which they use leased assets. As a result, companies have begun reevaluating their real…

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What are the mistakes to avoid when doing a split test?

Split testing is designed to optimise the web content of a company. Indeed, with a few clicks, you can enhance different forms of content and get better results. This technique covers websites, landing pages and emails and to perform it…

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How to modify an e-commerce website without the help of a webmaster?

Most companies have one or more e-commerce websites as these are very useful for making quick sales. However, they always need updating and new ideas to attract more customers. Since redesigning an e-commerce website can be quite expensive, can this…

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