What are the mistakes to avoid when doing a split test?

Split testing is designed to optimise the web content of a company. Indeed, with a few clicks, you can enhance different forms of content and get better results. This technique covers websites, landing pages and emails and to perform it successfully, you need marketing tools and landing page builders. Split testing can be done by multivariate services.

Why you should do split testing

First and foremost, in order to obtain a more complete picture of split testing, you should learn about A/B testing at this link. With that out of the way, you should know that split testing aims to improve the return on investment of various web assets. It is then possible to influence positive results online, for example, by converting a prospect into a buyer. The objective of split testing is to optimise this conversion rate and reduce marketing costs. Thanks to this technique, it is possible to find help with audience statics, reduce marketing spend and help discover other opportunities. Split testing can help make decisions based on target audience preferences and data.

What are the mistakes that can skew your A/B test results?

When conducting a split test, you should avoid changing the control version. You need to take into account variations in the test over different time periods, i.e. with different test conditions. In A/B testing, it is possible to change a few variables simultaneously. You should also make sure to avoid drawing definitive conclusions until you have achieved more than 95% reliability of the statistical test. Once you have reached the goal, do not stay too long on the test and to avoid wasting time, start contributing to new tests. When interpreting the data, try to accept the results unequivocally and be careful not to abruptly surprise your visitors.

Tips on how to perform good split testing

Make sure you have reliable data on your split test by using web analytics tools to compare the metrics of each solution. To avoid wasting time, get the test before you run it. Make sure you only test one variable and only run one test at a time. Static reliability being necessary before acting, the number of variations should be suited to the volume. Know that the test can be allowed to run long enough (at least one week) and that it is important to determine when to end it. Eventually, knowledge of marketing actions and multiple indicators is an asset during the test.
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