How much does it cost to be a freelancer?

Published on : 26 November 20213 min reading time
Many people have opted for freelance working as a new professional experience. Indeed, to boost your turnover and gain more experience, freelance working can be a good solution. You will have the possibility to work for your account with freelance administration. You will also be able to avoid tax and administrative constraints while benefiting from numerous social advantages. Freelance administration began in the late 1980s. It was not until 2008 that the practice was legalised. Today, more and more freelance administration companies exist.

Why choose wage portage?

You can benefit from the benefits of employee status, find assignments and offer your skills quickly and easily while remaining an independent consultant or self-employed person. A relationship between the client company, the employee and the freelance administration company is the basis of wage portage. Once you have found a client who has offered you one or more assignments, you will need to contact a freelance wage portage agency and sign the employment contract and the freelance administration agreement. Depending on the duration of the assignment, you can choose between a limited-term contract or an open-ended contract. The portage company will take care of collecting payments, invoicing fees, making declarations and other administrative tasks. Depending on your turnover, social security charges and management fees will be deducted from your salary. To avoid setting up a company, becoming an entrepreneur or an employee, working as a ported employee has many benefits as you will benefit from a hybrid status. Freelance administration is a new form of work that can offer you simplicity, security and independence. You can obtain further information on the cost of freelance administration on

The cost of wage portage

If you are you a self-employed person, you have probably asked about the cost of freelance administration before. As with any business, a turnover is obviously generated. The client company’s invoicing is handled by the freelance administration company and the payment of social security contributions is part of the tasks of a freelance administration company. A management fee will be deducted. Each month you will be paid a salary of around 51.59% of your turnover excluding tax. For assignments that require travel, you can earn even more. You will be reimbursed for professional expenses. When choosing a freelance administration company, the first criterion you should take into account is the percentage of management fees. The rate differs from one freelance administration company to another. In general, it amounts to between 5 and 10% of your turnover.

Social security contributions with wage portage

As with employees in a company, you will have to pay social security contributions to benefit from social security. In the wage portage system, the client company is not your employer but rather the freelance administration company. Before your salary is paid, the company will pay the employee and employer contributions, which it will deduct from your turnover. The wage costs amount to approximately 22% of your gross salary. The employer’s contributions range between 34% and 47%. When you choose a freelance administration company, you will also have to take into account the percentage of these employer’s charges.

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