What professions can be carried out the wage portage way?

Published on : 26 November 20213 min reading time
Bringing together the best specialists from wage portage and freelance administration now encompasses almost 800 professions. The great flexibility of this form of work, which is being used by more and more professional profiles, is undoubtedly the reason for its rapid adoption. However, as flexible as it is, this mode of work is governed by regulations that exclude certain professions that should be known.   

Wage portage: which jobs are affected?

If you are prepared to negotiate contracts independently and work with a single client for a few years in a field in which you have proven expertise and experience, you can apply for freelance administration. Freelance administration is also for you if you are prepared to carry out several one-off assignments as a consultant, coach, or trainer. However, not all professions are eligible for freelance administration.

The eligible professions are related to intellectual and commercial services and in some cases to other types of services with high added value. The professions concerned belong to sectors such as

– Web development: creation, management of websites and applications, SEO;

– CRM and customer portfolio management;

– Communication, in all its variants, is compatible with freelance administration;

– Marketing: development and implementation of digital strategy and social networks, business intelligence, and market analysis;

– Computer and software engineering: development of data management software, development of telecommunication technologies and integrated electronic systems;

– Industry: design and maintenance of industrial devices;

– HR: management of recruitment, training, skills development, and personnel and conflict management processes;

– Management, administrative management, and all its components;

– Finance in some of its variants is compatible with freelance administration: management and optimisation of assets, supervision of financial operations, monitoring of taxation, banking regulations, monitoring of the economics of financial markets;

– Event management: creation, promotion, and carrying out of events such as seminars, congresses, fairs, exhibitions;

– Accounting (except for public accounting when it is not a consulting mission);

– Logistics and supply chain;

– Training and coaching;

– Consulting;

– Translation and interpreting;

– Quality control;

– Health;

– Real estate.

Which professions are excluded from wage portage administration?

Wage portage cannot be applied to all types of services. In this respect, certain activities such as those related to trade and those related to personal services (childcare, assistance to the elderly or disabled) do not fall within the scope of wage portage. Moreover, these are activities that do not generally require a high level of expertise.

Similarly, activities requiring specific insurance, given their sensitivity, are excluded from the scope of this form of work. These include the medical professions, the legal professions, the accounting professions, etc.

The construction sector is also excluded from wage portage administration, especially since it requires professional liability insurance and because constructions must be covered by a ten-year guarantee.

However, it should be pointed out that professionals in the excluded sectors (health, justice, etc.) can still carry out assignments as consultants as long as they meet the conditions required by this form of work.

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