Starting a business: how to make a business plan?

The business plan is a mandatory step to follow when creating a company in order to fully achieve your objectives and obtain funding more quickly. Indeed, it is an important presentation tool for choosing and implementing a realistic strategy that corresponds to the company's project. Therefore, it must be perfect, inspiring and achievable.

Establishing the summary, the team and the project details

To produce a business plan, it is necessary to set out the steps to achieve the company's objectives. The first thing to do is the operational or executive summary. This is a short action plan to describe the vision of the company. Secondly, the founding team that will execute the program is put in place. They should be picked according to their training, background and skills. It is also in this stage that the person who will represent the company and the leaders are defined. Finally, you have to put in all the values you want to give to the company, the image you want to have. You can put in the motivational points of the team.

Marketing and business studies

Commercial studies are important for drawing up a business plan. You will have to start with the market study and the implementation of the commercial and communication strategies. The market study involves determining the offer that the company wants to target and the state of the competitors. The demand from the target customers is also estimated, taking into account their consumption habits, expectations and budgets. This is how a potential market gap can be assessed. Afterwards, the business strategy can be defined. Most entrepreneurs adopt the marketing mix method which takes into account price, product, distribution and communication. For the communication strategy, the image of the company is well defined with the purpose of making it known.

Legal and financial studies

In order to succeed in drawing up a business plan, you need to establish the business model, choose the legal form and seek funding. To do this, an economic model must be chosen for the company, taking into account the success of its activities. In terms of the law, the legal form influences both the business plan and the business model. Finally, external financing must be obtained and investors must be attracted.
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